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Meet your exciting, new & wildly popular biological pets

Fiction Fauna© were originally created as biological pets; animal-like artificial creatures with AI-based intelligence and emotions. These creatures were created in response to our ever-evolving and improving society and how we go about our daily lives with our pets now and in the future.

What is Fiction Fauna?

Each of the Fiction Fauna© creatures has its own unique characteristics and backstory.

The creatures’ stories are diverse yet easily relatable, accessible and share a common theme; they are all biological and mystical in some aspect of their features or their backgrounds.

The simplicity of their aesthetics resonate strongly with their stories and is one of the main reasons why they are engaging to prospective owners.

Meet the gang


Loto might look like a four-legged morphosis, but in fact he’s actually a toad with a tail. He loves playing in the water and catching domestic bugs and flies. He is incredibly affectionate in nature and will understand your emotions through his genetic telepathy. His nose turns red as he senses sad emotions. He is an ideal consul and will make you feel better whenever you are down. Is ironic, Loto’s best buddy is actually a fly called Flimo from Cherry Tree Wood.


Cado is a loveable creature and he has quite a passionate personality. He gets angry easily, but also can be caring at the same time. Between all Fiction Fauna creatures, he is the most straightforward character. Apart from his temper, he is fiercely loyal to his owner.


Cactu was created to be the Fiction Fauna™. Seemingly a part of an ancient tree form, he is in fact a cactus, brought to life by the mysterious Cosmo. He grows like a normal cactus and can purify air. He has a meek and friendly nature; who doesn’t like standing up to others to get his point across.